Molten Salt Reactor
A molten salt reactor is a type of nuclear reactor where the primary coolant, or even the fuel itself is a molten salt mixture. There have been many designs put forward for this type of reactor and a few prototypes built. The early concepts and many current ones rely on nuclear fuel dissolved in the molten fluoride salt as uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) or thorium tetrafluoride (ThF4). The fluid would reach criticality by flowing into a graphite core which would also serve as the moderator. Many current concepts rely on fuel that is dispersed in a graphite matrix with the molten salt providing low pressure, high temperature cooling.

fuji_msrThe Gen IV MSR is more accurately termed an epithermal reactor than a thermal reactor due to the average speed of the neutrons that would cause the fission events within its fuel being faster than thermal neutrons.

The principle of a MSR can be used for thermal, epithermal and fast reactors. One of the fast spectrum MSR is MSFR developed by France and the EU.

While most MSR designs being pursued are largely derived from the 1960s Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment(MSRE), variants of molten salt technology include the conceptual Dual fluid reactor which is being designed with lead as a cooling medium but molten salt fuel, commonly as the metal chloride e.g Plutonium(III) chloride, to aid in greater “nuclear waste” closed-fuel cycle capabilities. Other notable approaches differing substantially from those with MSRE pedigree include the Stable Salt Reactor(SSR) concept promoted by MOLTEX, which encases the molten salt in hundreds of the common solid fuel rods that are already well established in the nuclear industry. This latter British design was found to be the most competitive for Small modular reactor development by a British based consultancy firm Energy Process Development in 2015.

Date and Venue
Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Venue: Auditorium CC Timur ITB

Invited Speakers

  1. Prof. Motoyasu Kinoshita (ITMSF Chair)
  2. Prof. Zaki Su’ud, “Reaktor Cepat berbasis Thorium dan Program Riset Nuklir di ITB”
  3. Dr. Sidik Permana, “Reaktor Termal berbasis Thorium”
  4. Prof. Abdul Waris, “Sains dan Teknologi MSR”
  5. Dr. Andang Widiharto, “Kajian Termal Hidrolik MSR”

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Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Abdul Waris
  • Prof. Zaki Suud
  • Dr. Novitrian
  • Dr. Rizal Kurniadi
  • Dr. Khairul Basar
  • Dr. Sidik Permana
  • Dr. Dwi Irwanto
  • Dr. Asril Pramutadi
  • Dr. Nur Asyiah
  • Dr. Syeilendra

Prof. Abdul Waris (awaris_at_fi.itb.ac.id)